10 Best HVAC Wilmington NC Companies For AC Repair Work

Most Popular HVAC Wilmington, NC Companies for Repairs & Services

Do you live in Coastal Carolina and your heating and air conditioning unit is not working properly and you need an HVAC Wilmington NC company for air conditioner emergency service work?  

If this is you do not worry, I have prepared for you a list of the 10 best HVAC Wilmington, NC companies that come highly recommended for heat pump repair and service calls.  Each of the following companies guarantees that their heating and air contractors will do an excellent job for you.

10 Best HVAC Wilmington, NC Companies For AC Repairs:

1. Outside & In Handyman Services

Outside & In Handyman Services, is a local company that started working as a heat pump and A/C service provider in the year 2017. The company is known for their honesty and integrity. They are constantly trying to improve their services in all aspects of the business.

The company is only known to hire professionals, who are experienced for a few years to give the best possible services. Outside & In Handyman Services tries to solve HVAC problems with innovations.

Each project is picked and studied in depths to understand and solve the problems correctly. Hence each project is involved deeply. The company focuses on the individual needs of every project.

Positive Qualities:

-Projects are individually diagnosed

Professional Work

Contact information:

Phone: 276-345-6220

Address: 410 Ilex Drive Wilmington, NC 28412

2. Roby services

We aim at making your home a comfortable place for you and your family regardless of what temperature or season it is outside. All the staffs of Roby services are highly experienced workers.

Over the years they have worked with many companies to finally get their change at Roby services. Our workers are educated on all the aspects of HVAC systems. They can repair HVAC systems, or replace the entire system in your home efficiently. we also give regular check-ups and small repair services.

Roby service is a collection of experts providing service to HVAC repairings. They are available to fix any HVAC problems 24/7. All the technician in the Roby services is licensed, trained, experienced and insured. Roby works hard to make sure you get the best services possible.

Efficient HVAC servicing is the topmost priority for Roby services. We have maintained A grade services on Angie’s List for 12 years. The quality work is still maintained and we are working hard around the clock to make sure Wilmington, NC gets the best service needed by our staffs.

Positive Qualities:

-Is available for 24/7 emergency HVAC repairs

– Experts at HVAC service

For more information on how to become a HVAC service technician, watch the following video:

-Maintains A grade service provider for 12 years

-Provides repairing and replacing services

Contact information:

Call them at 704.334.6447 or you may schedule an appointment on their website https://robyheatingandcooling.com/schedule-an-appointment

3. Butler’s HVAC Service LLC

If you have a broken HVAC unit we are determined to fix it efficient and in a timely manner. All our experts are ready to give you service. Our concern is customer satisfaction through good quality service.

You can be ensured that you have contacted a trusted company with highly skilled experts who can fix your HVAC properly. Our company started to form in the year of 2006.

We have ranked A grade for 6 years on Angie’s List. Our service is not available in a wide range of areas. Please follow the service providing areas to make sure we are available at your area.

Positive Qualities:

-Well Reputed Company

-Emphasizes on customer satisfaction

-Communicative Services

-Good behavior

Contact information:

They look forward to hearing from you. Contact them by phone, email today!

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Service Areas:

Proudly Serving a 100-Mile Radius of Whiteville, including Raleigh, Castle Hayne, Carolina Beach, Wilmington, Columbus, Bladen, Robeson, Brunswick, New Hanover, Cumberland, Horry, Wake, Sampson, Onslow Counties, in North Carolina.

Phone: (910) 207-6000

Email: butlershvacservice2@gmail.com

4. Air Quality Concepts

Air quality Concepts has been providing heating and air services since the year 2001. They have had their name on Angie’s List for eight years for their services. The company received an A grade for its service over the years. Their customer’s satisfaction has given them the reputation of being the best duct cleaners in the area.

They are so good that even some other HVAC servicing companies recommend them for their work. Their best virtue is the duct cleaning technique they use in HVAC systems. The most updated technology is used for duct cleaning by Air quality concept. The technique let them win the super service provider award.

Their services include duct cleaning through vacuum suction. Whereas other companies would use gallons of water to wash away the contamination, the high force suction vacuum pushes the contamination from the pipe into the suction bag. They even provide a picture from before and after cleaning so customers can compare and understand the changes clearly. If you are looking for duct cleaning services this is the best place for you to contact.

Positive Qualities:

-Professional Work

-Most updated technologies are used

-Expert in duct cleaning services

-Shares a picture of before and after work for comparison

Contact information:

Phone: (919) 661-7803

Email address: airqualityconcepts@aol.com

5. O’Brien Service Co

Perhaps this is one of the oldest HVAC service providers around. They started up in the year of 1981. They provide expert heating and cooling services for a wide range of HVAC systems.

These services include HVAC repairing, installation, replacing, regular maintenance etc. The technicians are trained enough to be capable of fixing the most complex problems in the system.

Customers can even consult with our customer center to provide cost-effective suggestions for HVAC systems. From a customer satisfaction survey, the respondents answered that they would recommend O’Brien Service Co to people.

O’Brien Service Co placed 17th on the top-ranked service providers in the nation. They have maintained their rank at the top 20s over and over again. The company is focused on customer satisfaction. Their consideration is not limited to providing good service, but they want to provide a good experience to their customer through communication, presentation, and manners.

They try to be the best and hence their considerations have taken them to the place where they are today. They can guarantee you the best service and that they can fix any broken HVAC system.

Positive qualities:

Experienced service providers guaranteed to fix any HVAC issues with good performance. Simply one of the best heating and cooling companies in the nation

Contact Information:

Address: 3308 Enterprise Dr. Wilmington, NC 28405

Phone: 910-799-6611

Fax: 910-799-5884

6. Aire Serv of Coastal Carolina

An HVAC company that started to serve its customers since the year 2011. They provide all sorts of services including repair, replacement, and installation service. One of the main reasons the service provider has gained reputation is because of transparency.

Upfront discussions of payment and honest attitude of the staffs have won the hearts of many customers they have served. Their service is of good quality. Being a new company in the servicing field they are taking steps of a ladder to reach their destination.

So far they have a B grade on Angie’s List with few customers commenting about them. But still, they have maintained this position for seven years. As they are gaining experience and climbing ladder of success if they can keep up they will soon be able to compete with the other companies of this industry.

Positive qualities:

Works with honesty and provides excellent service

Contact information:

Phone: 910.212.6081

They are located in Hampstead, NC 28443

7. Salt Air, Inc.

Salt Air Inc. is another recently opened HVAC service provider in the Wilmington area. They started in the year 2011. The company focuses on providing people with fresh, clean air to breath in.

In an open area fresh air passes by to give you clean air to breathe in but when we are inside our home, in between the walls there isn’t much option for air movement and fresh air to get in. This is why we need to install ventilation systems in the house. So, there is a maximum fresh air available for people.

The company believes that HVAC maintenance is a simple but most important task to maintain a good environment inside a home. So, they try to improve air quality through their service.

Salt air inc. tries their best to maintain good HVAC conditions to make sure that their aim is fulfilled. For this they provide, HVAC maintenance, repair, replacement and installations services.

Positive qualities:

Efficient Service Aimed to enhance the environment Concerned about the air rather than HVAC Developing a team of experts with the same concept

Contact information:

Call: 910-777-3539

Visit: https://saltairinc.com/hvac-service-wilmington-nc-contact-us/

8. Slaven’s Comfort Solutions

Slaven’s Comfort solutions are one of the most recent companies providing HVAC services in the area. The company started providing heating and cooling services in the year 2017. It is a company that is trying to compete with all the earlier good companies of HVAC service provider.

In a year it has gained a good reputation for its services around the area. They are aimed at improving every aspect of their business. They want their customers to have the best experience of HVAC repairing and replacement service work being done for them. The company tries to achieve this reputation by their honesty, sincerity, and fairness.

They combine their skills are knowledge to provide the best possible solution to HVAC problems to their customers. Slaven’s Comfort Solutions provide maintenance service, HVAC replacement service, HVAC repairing service, etc. Professionalism and responsibility are two words with which you can describe their service.

Positive qualities:

-Professional work and a good team for service

-Gives servicing in many fields

-A new company that is striving to gain its place in the competition with the bests

This can assure that they will give you the best possible service through their staffs which aims at customer satisfaction

Contact information:

Phone: 910-833-0539

Address: 282 Walnut Branch Drive Rocky Point, NC 28403

9. Michael & Son Services

Michael & Son Services are well known to provide good services to their customers. The company consists of a group of experts with great knowledge about HVAC system.

They are concerned with providing excellent customer services for all their HVAC customers. When Michael & Son Services work for customer satisfaction they consider their customer’s problems as their own. Customer satisfaction is one of their highest priority.

The company takes greats pride in providing services for HVAC support. When they are working on a project they make sure their workmanship is at its best. For them, the problems of HVAC in their customers home is a problem in their home. They won’t rest until they have completed the project they have taken from their customer.

They provide a number of HVAC services for their customers. Most of their services include part repair and parts replacement for HVAC units. Until now the Michael & Son Services has won two awards, best of Houzz awards, and the 2017 residents awards.

Positive qualities:

-They provide service to a wide range of area -Award-winning service providers

-Excellent Service

-Takes responsibility for the project

Contact information:

Phone: 866-201-6278

Address: 4001 Atlantic Avenue Raleigh, NC 27604

10. Carolina Cold Controls, LLC

Carolina Cold Controls, LLC is another company that is started providing HVAC services in recent years. It started its business in the year 2018. A small group of people providing HVAC service.

They provide installation, repairing and servicing of the HVAC system. Carolina Cold Controls believe in fast service. They work economically to ensure that your products are safe and working at it’s best. The company does work on installations so, you can be assured that we will give you good quality service and there is nothing shady about our services.

You know that they will work honestly to get your HVAC system up back and running again. Their service and repair charges are low compared to any other service provider company. They only charge you for transportation and labor. Thus minimizing the cost to their services.

On weekends the charge is a bit higher because on the weekend that staffs are meant to charge you both way travel. Their service is available 24/7. The cost of service depends on how much work needs to be done and what needs to be done to fix the system. The service also provides rewards and discounts for seniors, non-profit, church organization and many more.

Positive qualities:

-24/7 Service Available

-Low-cost Service Work

-Trustworthy company

Contact information:

Phone: 910-685-6370

Address: 101 Redwood Court Wilmington, NC 28412


The HVAC system is used widely in buildings for thermal control. Artificial ventilation and cooling system help control the temperature of the room as much as required. Most HVAC units are used in commercial spaces. Some residents also install HVAC systems.

The HVAC system is used in residences where the temperature is extreme and needs to be controlled artificially. However, there may be times when the HVAC system malfunctions due to the extreme weather. In those times an expert HVAC repair service is required. The service needs to be fast, efficient and cheap to make sure money is well paid.

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